What is the best alternative treatment for eosinophilic sinusitis?

When you are struggling with eosinophilic sinusitis, there are 2 common options. Nasal Sprays and surgeries.Unfortunately, these 2 options have limited success rates.Nasal sprays often work great, but you develop a tolerance for them. After a few weeks, they stop being effective.In addition they can interfere with the rest of your respiratory system. Surgery is […]

What is best for Pilonidal Sinus? Donut Pillow vs U-Shaped Pillow

If you suffer with Pilonidal sinus and you are searching for a cushion to reduce the pressure on the area – you will probably see donut cushions suggested on Google and Amazon. Unfortunately, thousands of people have bought these donut cushions and found that they make their pilonidal sinus more irritated than a normal cushion. […]

How to get rid of sebum plugs.

Most skincare companies recommend acne or blackhead products to get rid of sebum plugs.This is wrong, and using these harsh products will make your skin more irritated and prone to sebum plugs. (Sebum plugs = a harsh form of ‘Sebaceous Filaments’) Unfortunately, sebum plugs (if you have them) are a permanent feature of your skin. […]

What is the difference between a blackhead & a sebaceous filament

A sebaceous filament is NOT a blackhead. Blackheads are temporary isolated pore blockages (like a pimple).Sebaceous filaments are a widespread, recurring natural feature of your skin, which you can’t completely get rid of. But with proper management (with the EmptyPore Sebaceous Filament Cleaning Machine), you can make them smaller, less irritated and even invisible to […]