What is the best alternative treatment for eosinophilic sinusitis?

When you are struggling with eosinophilic sinusitis, there are 2 common options. Nasal Sprays and surgeries.
Unfortunately, these 2 options have limited success rates.

Nasal sprays often work great, but you develop a tolerance for them. After a few weeks, they stop being effective.
In addition they can interfere with the rest of your respiratory system.

Surgery is the option usually suggested after nasal sprays have failed.
The surgery tends to be 40-50% successful. Very few people experience total relief and many opt for a second surgeries.

But there is a 3rd option for people with eosinophilic sinusitis and it has less side effects.

Treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis using low level laser: a single blind placebo controlled clinical 
What They Did: Compared LLLT vs a placebo
Result: “The results of this study indicate that LLLT is effective in the treatment of CRS.”

A pilot study into the effect of low-level laser therapy in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis 
What They Did: Gave 3.5 minutes of LLLT daily to people with chronic rhinosinusitis
Result: “This pilot study indicates that LLLT applied for 4 weeks improves symptoms in patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis.”

Assessment of Allergic Rhinitis among Children after Low-Level Laser Therapy
What They Did: Compared LLLT vs  a combination of steroid sprays and antihistamine pills.
Result: “High Significant improvement in the levels of the inflammatory marker in both groups, especially in the group which receive laser sessions.”

Recent scientific studies have shown that LLLT Laser therapy can have a positive effect on relieving congested sinuses.

While no studies have been done exclusively focusing on LLLT in patients with eosinophilic sinusitis – one can assume if it has an effect in patients with general rhinosinusitis – it will have an effect for people with other inflammatory sinus conditions.

If you’d like to try LLLT therapy – you can visit a clinic which offers this service. One session tends to cost $50 -70 dollars, and you may need 1-2 sessions per week.

Alternatively, we have created a new device which allows you to do LLLT at home.

This machine is a lot more affordable than using a clinic and it gives you the chance to relieve your congested sinuses with Low-Level Laser Therapy.

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