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  1. I’ve tried a bunch of different orthopedic pillows and I’d say this one has design for my kyphosis. Gives me the support I need without putting pressure on the neck. Sometimes I place it on top of a regular pillow to give a bit more lift. I am now experiencing much better sleep. Worth every penny!

  2. Skeptical as always, but this cushion really does help! The shape is perfect, relieving pressure in the right spot. If you have pilonidal sinus issues, get it!

    Image #1 from Jessica Martin
  3. My husband bought this for me after I was diagnosed with kyphosis.

    It works great. So far,it has prevented me from moving into bad positions during sleep.

    Image #1 from Madeleine Dominguez
  4. I have chronic pain and this mask has been great. The satin is very soft and it stays on all night. I sleep deeply and wake up feeling better.

    Image #1 from Laura Anderson
  5. Good product. Used for 2 weeks. The mask is soft and stays on all night. Helps me sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.

    Only downside, my mailman delivered my packageto my neighbor but I guess that’s not the company’s fault.

    Image #1 from David Young
  6. I can’t sleep without this mask! It’s so soft and comfortable, and it helps me sleep quickly.

    Tried a bunch of other masks prior to this and never found one I could wear all night.

    Image #1 from Susan Walker
  7. Great product! The this sleep mask is soft and comfortable, and it helps me fall asleep fast.
    I have very sensitive skin on my face which is normally very easily irritated. But no problems with this material after using it for months.

    Negatives: I wish it wash cheaper, wish I could own a few of them. I’m always losing it behind the bed or in the laundry.

    Image #1 from John Robinson
  8. This sleep mask is fantastic. It’s soft, comfortable, and helps me get to sleep quickly. The packaging was a bit plain, but that’s a minor issue.

  9. Nice mask but plain packaging. The satin is soft and it stays comfortable all night. Helps me sleep quickly and deeply.

  10. The NerveHero Sleep Mask is amazing. It’s soft, comfortable, and helps me sleep quickly. The only complaint is the delivery took longer than expected.