How to taper off Nasal Decongestant Sprays

If you have chronically blocked sinuses – nasal sprays initially seem like a gift from god.
You take a spray in each nostril and minutes later – your nose is clear for the next 8 hours.

Unfortunately, as you have probably realised, there is a downside.
After a week of use – you become addicted to these nasal sprays.

Many nasal spray addicts need to use them every 2 hours just to breathe normally.
After a month of use, they make your sinuses even more congested than they were before you started.

So how do you quite using nasal decongestant sprays?

There are many approaches recommended on the internet.
The most common are:

Sinus Surgery – (can be expensive and has a high failure rate)

Switching to a steroid nasal spray –
(only works for a small percentage of people – can cause side effects)

Quitting cold turkey –
(Can be extremely difficult for a nasal spray addict)

So what is the alternative?

The method that is preferred by our users is to taper down their use of decongestant sprays, while adding in Low-Level Laser Therapy 1-2 times per day.

So if you use nasal spray 4 times per day – cut that down to three time per day in week one – while using the OpenBreathe LLLT Device once before you go to bed.
It will be difficult for the first few days but then your sinuses can adapt to living without as much of the drug.

In your second week of tapering you can cut down to using the spray twice per day – then once every other day in the third week and increase the LLLT to twice per day.

In the third week you use the spray once per day, and doing the LLLT twice per day.

In the fourth week, you use the spray once every other day. You can add in an extra LLLT session at mid-day if you feel it is necessary.

In the fifth week you can completely stop using the nasal decongestant spray, while continuing your LLLT regime.

This tapering regime has worked for thousands of our users so far – and it’s definitely easier to follow than the 3 common methods listed above.

If you are interested in trying this tapering regime then you can order the OpenBreathe Laser Sinus Unblocker here.

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