What is best for Pilonidal Sinus? Donut Pillow vs U-Shaped Pillow

If you suffer with Pilonidal sinus and you are searching for a cushion to reduce the pressure on the area – you will probably see donut cushions suggested on Google and Amazon.

Unfortunately, thousands of people have bought these donut cushions and found that they make their pilonidal sinus more irritated than a normal cushion.

The opinions of users on the Pilonidal.org forum:

Disadvantages of Donut Shaped Cushion for Pilonidal Sinus

– Creates an unstable seating surface
– Promotes bad posture as you can’t put weight onto your sit-bones
– Designed for people with haemorrhoids, not for pilonidal sinus – so it targets the wrong body part
– Uncomfortable to sit on for a long time

Advantages of the Pilocare U-Shaped Cushion for Pilonidal Sinus

– Redirects your weight onto your legs to remove pressure from your pilonidal area
– Comfortable to sit on for long periods
– Does not come into physical contact with your pilonidal/coccyx area – this prevents irritation

Where can you buy a cushion designed specifically to help with Pilonidal Sinus

At Clevive, we created the Pilocare cushion specifically for Pilonidal Sinus – as one of our team suffers with the disease.
So we were able to test all of the different designs and see what worked for her.

If you’d like to experience some relief from this unpleasant condition, the Pilocare is available to order here.

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