The Top 4 At-home Treatment Methods for Cervicogenic Headaches

Battling a nagging cervicogenic headache? You’re not alone – these debilitating headaches affect millions worldwide. But fear not, we’ve done the research and found some surprising at-home remedies that could have you saying “goodbye” to head pain for good. (Well, maybe not for good – we’re not miracle workers here!)

If you’ve ever experienced the telltale signs – pain starting in the neck and radiating upwards, along with restricted neck mobility – then you know just how disruptive these headaches can be.

The good news? Many sufferers have found significant relief through simple, drug-free methods they can do right in the comfort of their own homes.
Read on to discover the top 4 at home ways to outsmart cervicogenic pain.

  1. Apply Heat/Cold Therapy
    It may sound too straightforward to be effective, but alternating heating pads and ice packs on the neck and shoulder area can work wonders for easing muscle tension – a key driver of cervicogenic headaches. The heat helps relax tightened muscles, while cold reduces inflammation. Just be sure not to fall asleep with either applied directly to the skin! [2]
  2. Improve Your Posture
    How’s your posture lately? Be honest. If you’ve been hunching over a desk or smartphone for hours on end, those poor neck muscles are going to be in knots. Make a conscious effort to keep your ears aligned over your shoulders, avoid slouching, and take regular posture breaks. Your neck (and head) will thank you. [1]
  3. Try Massage Therapy
    For next-level relief, consider giving yourself a targeted neck and shoulder massage. Use your thumbs to apply firm, circular pressure along the muscle groups spanning from the base of your skull down to the tops of your shoulder blades. You can even enlist a partner’s helping hands – just be sure to return the favor! [3]
  4. Strengthen Neck Muscles
    While massages feel amazing in the moment, maintaining strong neck muscles is key for long-term prevention. Simple isometric exercises like neck rotations and shoulder shrugs can go a long way. Who knows, you may even start getting compliments on your sculpted neck! (Okay, maybe not, but stronger neck muscles are still a win.) [4]

By incorporating a few of these methods into your daily routine, you just might discover the secret to outsmarting cervicogenic headaches once and for all. Your pain-free future self will be forever grateful!

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