We are a small company founded in 2016 and our mission is to help people deal with chronic pain issues, effectively and inexpensively.

Our market research has shown hat the majority of pain management products on the market are either:
wildly overpriced (hundreds of dollars) or completely ineffective.

Our aim is to change this.

We spend thousands of hours researching and developing the most effective pillows and tools for pain management – then we use our knowledge of the manufacturing industry to bring down the prices to an affordable level for everyone.

We are always trying to help more people with their conditions, so if you have a chronic pain illness that we don’t have anything for – please contact us here and we will get our research team to look into it.

Human-Focused Design

After researching a health condition, we reach out to people with that condition and ask – what would help you? 

Once we develop products for these conditions, we then do focus group trials to improve the product and work out any problems.
Once all this is done, we keep listening to our customers and gradually improving our designs.

Ultimately, we aim to give you the best products available for your health condition.

Premium-Grade Materials

We are very careful when selecting the materials for our products.
Any materials we use must be:
-Durable enough to last a long time
-As hypoallergenic as possible
-Feel comfortable enough to use every day

For our pillows we usually use either premium grade memory foam or high density cotton, depending on the condition.
With these materials, we create products that you will want to use every day.

Ross Donald

I started Clevive after developing supplement protocols to successfully help myself and my friends with wellness and skin problems.

Now my aim is to research and create protocols which can help people suffering with other problems.
If you have a suggestion for a new kit, please get in touch.

Paige Matthews
product development

Paige brings to us experience in developing products for large skincare and health companies.

Together with this, she’s always on top of the latest science research in these fields.
So she knows what ingredients will deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

logistics manager

Walt is in charge of making sure your kits get to your front door on time, and making sure all of our ingredients make it to our factory on time.

A stressful job, but somehow he remains zen and in control!

Sarah Flores
Customer Support

Our customer service leader.

Sarah is a born problem-solver, and she’ll do her best to help you with our kits.

Corporate HQ:

Atentiva LLC
312 W 2nd St
Unit #A1473
Casper, WY 82601
(Note: This address is for business use only and cannot be used for customer service/returns handling)