What is the best cushion or pillow for Pilonidal Sinus?

If you are searching for this, then you know how irritating and painful Pilonidal sinus can be.
It is a condition which has been increasing a lot in recent years because people are sitting more than ever.

Office chairs, car seats, sofas – they are all to blame – as they put you into an unnatural seating position. So what can you do about it?

Well, there is a simple hack – if you use a specially modified cushion – you can divert pressure away from your pilonidal sinus and onto your legs.

Unfortunately, most of the cushions available for sale are primarily designed to help people with ordinary back pain or hip problems.
These cushions won’t help you with your pilonidal problem.

After Sarah, a member of our customer support team developed pilonidal sinus from sitting in our office chairs, she couldn’t find a good cushion to help here.
So to help her, our design team created the Pilocare Pilonidal Sinus Cushion.

We designed the cushion so that your pilonidal sinus will not rub against the surface you are sitting on.
It also diverts your weight onto your thighs and sit-bones to promote a healthy sitting position.

The crucial factors which make our cushion the best for pilonidal sinus are:

  • It pressure off of this your pilonidal area
  • It prevents you from having the bad posture which can worsen pilonidal sinus
  • It won’t collapse under your weight – because it’s made of high-density foam.
  • You can use it everywhere – in an office chair, car seat, plane seat or on the sofa

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