How to get rid of sebum plugs.

Most skincare companies recommend acne or blackhead products (salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide) to get rid of sebum plugs.
This is wrong, and using these harsh products will break down your skin’s natural moisture barrier.
This makes your skin more irritated and prone to sebum plugs.

(Sebum plugs = a harsh form of ‘Sebaceous Filaments’)

Unfortunately, sebum plugs (if you have them) are a permanent feature of your skin.
But you can make your sebum plugs disappear if you manage them with an extraction routine 1-2 times per week.

The EmptyPore Sebaceous Filament Removal Machine is designed to help you with this.

The Sebaceous Filament Cleansing & Extraction Routine

1 – Wash your skin with warm water for at least 1 minute – to help relax and open up your pores

2 – Slowly move the EmptyPore machine over the affected areas of your skin
(Use the weakest power setting for sensitive areas of your skin)

3 – Rinse your skin once again with cold water, to help close your freshly cleaned pores

4 – Apply a non-comodogenic ( non pore-blocking) moisturizer afterwards to complete your extraction treatment

Results from people who have used this Sebaceous Filament Routine

Before & after using Sebaceous Filament Extraction routine
Results of sebaceous filament extraction

Unlike other skincare products, we do not promise miracle results.
The EmptyPore machine will not permanently get rid of you sebum plugs.

This is not possible.

But for most of our users, it has made their sebum plugs invisible to the human eye after just a month of use, and our users have maintained these results for as long as they keep performing the extraction routine.

For people who are serious about permanently getting rid of their sebum plugs, this machine is the best option.

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