Pilocare™ Pilonidal Sinus Cushion

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Most orthopedic cushions aren’t appropriate for Pilonidal Sinus. They put too much tension on the tailbone which can worsen symptoms. So we decided to design something different. Crafted by ergonomists from premium memory foam, the Pilonidal Sinus Cushion lets you sit without discomfort & irritation.

Removes pressure & irritation from the pilonidal area
🩺 Can be used during recovery from pilonidal surgery
🪑 Improves posture with its healthy seating position
Uniquely designed by ergonomists for Pilonidal Sinus
💪  DuraDensity® foam can support you all day
🚗 Can be used on an office chair, the car or on the couch
🙋‍♂️ Tested & Proven by over 1400 customers with Pilonidal Sinus

Cushion For Pilonidal Sinus
Pilocare™ Pilonidal Sinus Cushion