What is the difference between a blackhead & a sebaceous filament

A sebaceous filament is NOT a blackhead.

Blackheads are temporary isolated pore blockages (like a pimple).
Sebaceous filaments are a widespread, recurring natural feature of your skin, which you can’t completely get rid of.

But with proper management (with the EmptyPore Sebaceous Filament Cleaning Machine), you can make them smaller, less irritated and even invisible to the human eye.

Sebaceous filaments are like little buckets of oil in your pores, which help to keep your skin moist. Your body refills these pores with oil every week.
These filaments often occur on the nose, forehead cheeks, ears, neck and chest.

When bad ingredients in makeup and skincare products interrupt the flow of oil from these pores – your skin oil gets stuck in there and forms an unpleasant hard crust.

The way to fix this is to use a product like our EmptyPore machine. It removes this ugly crust and helps your skin to empty the oil and dirt from the pore.

Then you use your normal cleanser and rinse your skin with cold water to close the pore again and prevent your pores from becoming larger.

Hundreds of people have already used the EmptyPore to help deal with their sebaceous filament problems and they have gotten great results.

Also, we have learned a lot from their feedback and upgraded the machine to get the best results for those suffering with this annoying skin problem.

If you want to permanently deal with the problem of sebaceous filaments, there is no product out there which will help you more than the EmptyPore.

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