Clevive™ Rectal Surgery Cushion


Sitting after rectal surgery can be painful and difficult.
Unfortunately, most orthopedic cushions on the market are not designed specifically for rectal surgery – they are uncomfortable and can even slow down your recovery.

So we decided to create a cushion designed specifically for people who are recovering from rectal surgery (Colostomy – Ileostomy – Colon Cancer Surgery – Hemorrhoidectomy & More).

  • Designed to prevent putting weight and pressure on your rectal area, allowing you to maximise healing time.
  • Unlike other cushions, it doesn’t excessively spread your legs apart – this is important for reducing tension on your wounds
  • Over 1500 happy customers currently use this cushion
  • High quality dense foam makes it comfortable to use & prevents the cushion from losing its shape.
  • Anti-slip feature on bottom of cushion
  • Can improve your posture, by helping you to use a correct seating position
Clevive™ Rectal Surgery Cushion